When should you pick Facebook advertisements and boost posts?

When should you pick Facebook advertisements and boost posts?

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Social media has a significant impact on every aspect of our lives nowadays. Businesses have recognised the possibility of reaching out to their target audience through social media advertising given the billions of individuals that use social media platforms every day. Facebook advertisements and boost posts are two of the most well-liked social media advertising strategies. Yet, how can you pick which one to use for your company? We’ll go over the variables to take into account while deciding between Facebook advertisements and social media boost posts in this article.

Boost Posts:

On social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram, boosting a post is a simple and quick way to advertise your material. Your target audience’s newsfeed will see your promoted post just like any other post if you want to do so. As opposed to organic posts, however, promoted posts offer the extra benefit of reaching a larger audience. Also, you have the option to focus on a certain segment of the population by using criteria like geography, age, gender, interests, and behaviour.

When to use Boost Posts:

Boost postings work well for the following purposes:

Get a larger audience quickly: Boosting a post is a quick and simple way to do it without having to put a lot of time or effort into making an advertisement.

Boosted posts can help you get more likes, comments, and shares, which can help you get more people to interact with your page.

Promote time-sensitive offers: Boosted posts, which can be easily generated and only run for a brief time, can be a useful approach to promote time-sensitive offers or discounts.

Facebook Ads:

Compared to boost posts, Facebook Ads are a more sophisticated kind of advertising. Ad location, ad format, target market, budget, and bidding technique are just a few of the customization possibilities they provide. Facebook Advertisements are made to encourage particular behaviours like clicks, app downloads, and conversions. You have more control over your advertising campaign with Facebook Ads, and you can use Facebook Ads Manager to monitor the effectiveness of your ads.

When to use Facebook Ads:

Drive specific activities: Facebook Ads are best used when you want to: Drive specific actions, such as website clicks, app installs, and conversions.

Target a certain audience: Facebook Ads let you pick your audience based on traits like location, interests, behaviour, and demographics.

Increase return on investment: Facebook Ads provide you more control over your ad campaign, and Facebook Ads Manager lets you monitor the effectiveness of your advertising. This enables you to maximise the ROI on your advertising.


Facebook Advertising and boost posts both have benefits and drawbacks. A quick and simple approach to reach more people and boost engagement on your page is to use boost posts. Contrarily, Facebook Ads provide additional opportunities for customization, targeting, and tracking. Be sure to take into account your advertising objectives, target market, and budget when deciding between the two. Facebook Advertising might be a better choice if you want to maximise ROI and encourage certain activities. Boosting a post might be the best course of action if you want to reach a larger audience and enhance engagement right away.