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Unlocking the Power of SEO: How Your Business Can Benefit from Search Engine Optimization.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential for businesses of all sizes to improve their online visibility and reach their target audience. SEO can help increase website traffic, generate leads, and boost sales. By ranking higher in search engine results pages, businesses can establish their authority and credibility, which can result in long-term growth and success.

Core business areas for SEO

These are the core business areas for SEO, and optimizing these areas can help
improve your website’s visibility, traffic, and overall search engine ranking.

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Keyword Research

Identifying and analyzing the keywords that your target audience is searching for in search engines, and then targeting those keywords in your website’s content.

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On-Page Optimization

Optimizing various on-page elements of your website such as title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, internal linking, and image optimization, to improve your website’s relevance and user experience.

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Technical SEO

Improving the technical aspects of your website such as website speed, mobile-friendliness, schema markup, website architecture, and other technical factors to make it more search engine friendly.


Off-Page Optimization

Building high-quality backlinks from relevant and authoritative websites to increase the credibility and authority of your website.

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Local SEO

Optimizing your business listing on Google My Business, Bing Places for Business, and other local directories to improve your visibility in local search results.


Content Creation

Creating high-quality, informative, and engaging content for your target audience that attracts backlinks, social shares, and drives traffic to your website.


Analytics and Reporting

Measuring and analyzing your website’s performance using analytics tools such as Google Analytics, and creating reports to track progress and identify areas for improvement.

Here are three SEO service packages with different levels of service and pricing

The Starter package is ideal for small businesses looking for a basic SEO service package to improve their online presence. The Growth package is suitable for businesses that want more advanced SEO services and a content marketing strategy. The Elite package is for businesses that want comprehensive SEO services,social media marketing,and dedicated support.These packages can be customized according to the specific needs of your

Service Level Basic Advanced Premium
Keyword Research and Optimization 5 7 10
On-page Optimization Yes Yes Yes
Local Business Listing Yes Yes Yes
NAP Consistency No Yes Yes
Basic Technical SEO Basic Advanced Advanced
Monthly Analytics and Reporting Yes Yes Yes
Limited Support Limited Support Moderate Support(One call Support / Chat) Priority Support(Project Manager)
Content Creation No 2 articles per month 4 articles per month
Online Reviews Management No Yes Yes
Mobile Optimization No Yes Yes

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